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using the database

This site hosts a database with information about trials done by the Amsterdam Cohort Studies on HIV and AIDS. Some information is open for everyone, some is only accessible if you have an account. If you try to access a page that requires authentication, you will be redirected to the login page.

There are three ways of finding your way through the database:

  1. using the ACS search pages, such as
  2. using the site search  engine: this option is accessible via the toolbar
  3. using the contents page, with a list of all pages on this site: this option is also accessible via toolbar

The database has information about several entities: studies or publications, tables, fields, ID used in datasets, etc. We tried to provide on each page relevant links to related information: on the page with information about a table are links to information about the fields in this table, studies that use this table, etc. This means there are a lot of different ways to find what you are looking for.
Use the menu at the left to browse through the database.

At the bottom of every page a short description is given of what the page does.

These help texts are in grey.

Also a list is given with all the different links that are on the page.