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Welcome to web site of the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (ACS) on HIV.

The Amsterdam Cohort Studies (ACS) on HIV is a prospective cohort study initiated in 1984 to investigate the prevalence and incidence of HIV infection and AIDS, the associated risk factors, psychosocial factors, the natural course and pathogenesis of HIV infection, the effects of interventions, including prevention programmes. The study was later expanded to include research on the epidemiology and natural course of other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections, such as the human herpesvirus-8, human papillomavirus, and hepatitis B and C virus.

This goal of this web site is to inform you about our scientific research, the research team(underconstruction), and possibilities to work with ACS data. There is also a publicly available dataset, the ACS open, that can be used for educational purposes.


On Monday the 23th of July we released the ACS Magazine at the Global Village of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands