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Amsterdam Cohort Studies among homosexual men and drug users (Public Data)


The Amsterdam cohort study (ACS) on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and AIDS among homosexual men started in 1984 and was expanded to include drug users in 1985. Thus far, about 2100 homosexual men and 1630 (injecting) drug users have been included of whom approximately 700 homosexual men and 550 drug users are still in active follow-up. Every 3-6 months participants complete a standardized questionnaire to obtain medical, epidemiological and social scientific information and undergo a medical examination. In addition, they have blood drawn for virological and immunological tests and storage.

A limited data set of the ACS that is generally accessible for researchers and students.

The ACS data are very suitable for universities and research institutes to teach epidemiological, biomedical and social scientific students how to analyze longitudinal data sets. The concurrence of epidemiological and biomedical data also enables researchers from various disciplines to practice statistical techniques like Event History (Survival), multilevel and repeated measurement analysis. For this purpose an anonymous data set that includes a limited amount of epidemiological, social-scientific demographic, clinical and biomedical information obtained from the participants of the ACS over the past 20 years of follow-up is available. If the intention is to use the data for other than educational reasons, please contact the data-administrator in advance.

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Public dataset description
Public dataset

This project ‘The opening up of the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (ACS Open)’, has been funded by grantnumber 91104002 from MaGW and ZonMw.